Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Man

So most of you know I have a man in my life.  Byron and I have been together now for (pause . . . I have to count back . . .) 8 years?  Is that right?  I'm not really sure--I'll have to ask him and he'll probably know.  Which, by the way, is one reason why I love him.  He remembers stuff like that.  I've actually known him almost all my life--which might be the topic of a blog entry one of these days.
Here is my dilemma:  when you are in your mid-40's and are with a guy, what do you call him?  We are not engaged, so he's not my fiance, and we're definitely not married (unless that happened in one of my fugue states--just kidding!).  Do I call him my boyfriend?  That seems so juvenile.  My significant other?  There's something about that phrase that is annoying to me.  My lover?  No--too personal.  Domestic partner?  I don't know about that either.  So what do I call him?  Anyone have any suggestions?  I'd love to hear them. 

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