Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being a Buckeye

Today, I finally read the Sports Illustrated cover story on their investigation into Ohio State football NCAA violations.  It took me this long to do it, because I simply did not want to believe what I heard.  But after reading the story, I know this is not a smear job.  SI had too many facts, and I believe their allegations.
It was very disheartening.
Although I am not a born and bred Buckeye, Ohio State was my college of choice.  I was very proud to go to Ohio State.  I saved my money for 5 long years after high school so that I could go.  And it was worth it!  I got a great education, made some good friends, and had a blast!  I have memories that will last my lifetime.
But I have to say after reading the SI article that I feel cheated. 
Jim Tressel cheated all of us poor kids who paid our own way through college, worked part time jobs, applied for every grant and scholarship available, and went deeply in debt with student loans.  That's right, he cheated us.  He turned a blind eye to his players and their shenanigans.  Here they were, getting a free college education (and mostly because of God-given talent), and that wasn't enough.  No, they had to have fancy cars, cash to spend, and tattoos out the ying-yang.  They showed no respect for the traditions of the Buckeye Nation, no respect for their fellow students, and no respect for the alumni whose sacrifices and support allowed them all of the things they were given for free.
So I would like to thank Jim Tressel, Terrell Pryor, and the other Buckeye football players who contributed to this whole mess for cheapening my diploma.  I can no longer say "I went to Ohio State" with pride.  My degree from OSU will forever be tainted by the actions of some selfish people.  And that is something I cannot forgive.

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